Victory Amidst Upheaval: the 1968 OSU Football Team's March to the Rose Bowl

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Join Todd Jones, former sports reporter at The Columbus Dispatch, and Bill Shkurti, author of The Ohio State University in the Sixties: The Unveiling of the Old Order, as they weave the on- and off-the field tale of the 1969 Buckeye's Rose Bowl victory, and the amazing season leading up to it. The team's undefeated season is made all the more compelling by the growing tensions and protests that were happening both on campus and throughout the nation.

The 1968 Ohio State University Football Team is considered by many to be the gridiron program's best-ever team. While they were making their way to the 1969 Rose Bowl, where they beat the University of Southern California to win the national title, the team members and other OSU students were dealing with a variety of issues on campus. These include growing tensions over racial equality, women's rights, and the Vietnam War, as well as issues that affected students right here at home, like steep hikes in tuition and overcrowded classrooms. At times, the pressure surged to full-out confrontations between protesters and administrators.

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