Life in the Age of Rembrandt

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Ann Shifflett, art history lecturer at the Columbus College of Art and Design, returns to explore the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century, through art. Learn about the lesser-known female artists of the Dutch Baroque, what made this period "golden," and the influence of religion and science on Dutch art. Don't miss the Columbus Museum of Art exhibition, Life in the Age of Rembrandt on view from February 1 through June 16.     

Ann Shifflet teaches Art, Design and Culture I, Art, Design and Culture II, and 19th Century Art. Shifflet has been teaching at CCAD since 2008. She has taught Art, Design and Culture I & II, History on Modern Design, 19th Century Art, Romanticism in Art, Northern Renaissance Art, and an honors course titled Undead: Zombies in Literature, Legend and Film. Her interests include architectural history and historic preservation and she enjoys cinematic history - particularly the horror genre. Shifflet earned her MA in Art History from the University of South Carolina in 2001. 
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