The Art of the Hologram - Bending Light: Capture and Replay

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Join local artist Fred U. Needham as he talks about the art of holograms and shares some of his own creations. The holographic method was invented by Dennis Gabor, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971. Mr. Needham will talk about the development of the hologram and share some of his own collection of these "windows with a memory."

Artist Statement:
"Light, captured and replayed through holograms, is my current focus. 3D on a thin piece of film. Windows with a memory. I blend the found with the reasoned, exploring the process of resonating and connecting with others through my images. Synapses and orb spider webs come to mind. To me, holograms have something in common with bas relief, newspaper headlines, and sound bites: the reality of the experience is guided by the perspective of the observer. My two strongest influences have been E.F. Hebner and Sidney Chafetz, both while I attended The Ohio State University. Through studies with Hebe, in his Intermedia program, I delved into observation, conceptualization, exhibition, and  presentation. Sid was well known for his satire, and his historical portraits, often executed as woodcuts. His underlying and enduring social consciousness was particularly evident in his later series, "The Perpetrators." Time has allowed me to ruminate upon, and to digest, some of their lessons."

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