National Novel Writing Month Write-in

November is National Novel Writing Month! Join us in the Quiet Reading Room for a write-in designed to boost you past your week two writer's block. This program in collaboration with the Bexley Fiction Writers will offer a variety of prompts, challenges, and discussion questions to help our novelists get inspired and ready for the next three weeks of writing. In the Quiet Reading Room

Halloween Cosplay Panel

"Costume Play," or Cosplay, is the art of designing, creating, and wearing costumes that look like your favorite characters. For cosplayers, it can be like Halloween all year long! Join our panel of cosplayers as they talk about what drew them to cosplay and share tips for creating the perfect costume. Whether you're going to a convention, looking to pick up Halloween ideas, or just curious about this phenomenon, our cosplayers can help introduce you to this creative and popular hobby.


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