Advanced Minecraft Club

Advanced Minecraft Club is open to any Minecraft enthusiast aged 7-17 that is interested in advanced building challenges in creative mode only! Space is limited, and registration is required, so sign up today by stopping by the youth services department, or calling us at 614-231-2878. In the technology classroom

Collegewise: Highly Selective College Admissions

Grades, test scores, and impressive activities alone don't guarantee acceptance into highly-selective colleges. So how do students who get accepted to the Ivy Leagues, Stanford, Northwestern, and the rest of the nation's most selective colleges set themselves apart from the rest of the applicant pool? Meredith Graham from Collegewise, will discuss how, and will also reveal some strategies to improve a student's chances of admission at the most selective schools. While the prestigious colleges are not necessarily better colleges, students and parents who are interested in these schools can find straight answers about what it will really take to have a shot at getting in. 


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