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Murder, Politics, Scandal and the Law

Join local author, historian and attorney Eric Wittenberg as he discusses the notorious celebrity trial of Congressman Daniel Sickles who, in 1859, shot his wife's lover in cold blood just steps from the White House. With a defense dream-team that included future Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, Sickles was the first defendant to successfully use the insanity defense at trial. He went on to serve in the Civil War and eventually returned to Congress. Wittenberg's acclaimed Civil War histories will be available for purchase. In the Quiet Reading Room

Indian Dance

Sukanya Chand and students from Natya Nirvana and MUCAI Academy will offer a live performance of classical and folk dances from India. Bharatantyam from Southern India and Odissi from Eastern India are classical dances inspired by sculptures from temples built nearly 2000 years ago. Bhangra is the traditional folk dance from the Punjab region of Northern India to celebrate harvest during Spring. Natya Nirvana is an arts organization dedicated to enriching the Central Ohio community through arts education and the promotion of India's dance and music.    

Origami Paper Birds Workshop

Enjoy an evening of Origami and Kirigami, the Japanese arts of paper folding and paper cutting. Local artist and author Hiroshi Hayakawa returns to BPL to demonstrate how to create a menagerie of three-dimensional paper birds by combining these two techniques. Workshop participants will take home their own paper bird. In the Quiet Reading Room


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