The Salem Witch Craze: A Case Study in the Sociology of Fear

Why did the Salem witch craze happen when and where it did? What social and historical factors contributed to the panic?  What does the Salem witch craze tell us about the role of fear in society, and how might the misfortunes of a 17th century New England settlement help us understand contemporary American society?  Dr. Peter Hennen, Associate Professor of Sociology at Ohio State Newark, will explore these and other questions about the fear that overtook Salem, Massachusetts 325 years ago this year. 

Vampires: From Myth to Twilight

Join us for a chilling lecture on the history of vampires
from the earliest folk legends to now! Presenting this spellbinding talk is Dr.
Daniel Collins, Associate Professor in the Department of Slavic and East
European Languages at the OSU Center for Slavic and Eastern European Studies.
Dr. Collins teaches the course 'Vampires, Monstrosity, and Evil.' Come if you


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