How to Use the Bexley Collection


  1. Go to our digitization portal landing page at

  2. Click on the Yearbooks icon to search only the yearbooks, or use the search box at the top or click on “Browse the Collection” to search the entire collection.
  3. Click on “within results” in the search box to change it to “new search”. Enter your search term in the search box. It can be any word, name, or place. Search for a teacher, a student, a club, or a sport within all of the yearbooks. To narrow it down, use the advanced search to search for multiple terms at once.
  4. The results will be listed by relevance. Click on a yearbook and you will be taken to the first page in the yearbook that your term appears.
  5. To find more appearances, click on the “Content” tab to the right and scroll until you see a note under the image title saying there is another occurrence.

  6. Click on the image title to go to each image. The search term will be highlighted on the page.
  7. You can save images by clicking on Download. To get the best image possible, click on “Extra Large”. If you would like to download images of the entire yearbook, click on “All (PDF)”.

  8. If you would like to browse through a yearbook, click on “Page Flip View” within the yearbook. This allows you to look through the book as you would browse a physical book. You can either turn the pages manually using the left and right arrow in the bottom right corner, or hit the play button in the top right corner to have the pages turn automatically.